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Mental Health Charity

mental health charity

Before Their Time is a mental health charity that is devoted to addressing mental disorders in communities across the United States. We are aimed toward helping families achieve mental wellness after the loss of a loved one due to addiction. We help families identify mental health issues and help to combat them. Before Their Time aims to implement policies that promote mental health disorders awareness and treatment for patients and communities. Our programs provide resources for training and treatment. We also help pay for funeral expenses to alleviate some of the financial burden placed on families in already difficult times.

Research reveals that one in five American adults have mental problems. This goes to show just how widespread mental health issues are in our country. Although many people have some form of mental illness, the matter remains taboo in our society. People with mental health conditions or emotional problems often suffer from the stigma associated with mental health issues. They also fear that if they tell someone the truth they may be judged, or their lost loved one may be judged due to the stigma that also is associated with drug use. This leads many families to not only avoid treatment, but to also lie about the cause of death for fear of being judged by the community. Before Their Time is dedicated to raise awareness of this issue and make sure families affected by the tragic loss due to an overdose, gets proper treatment as part of their grieving process.

Before Their Time and Mental Health Support

mental health disorders

Before Their Time is an organization that supports individuals and groups to change stigma around mental illness and empowers people with their needs. The goal of Before Their Time is raising awareness of emotional health and creating lasting change in the way the mental health community is perceived in America.

After the tragic loss of a loved one due to a drug overdose, many family members struggle with anxiety and depression. When somebody overdoses their death is often viewed through social and moral stigmas. Terms such as "junkie", "user", "drug addict" and many other derogatory terms are often used to describe someone's loved one. Some people fail to realize that this was somebody's "son", "daughter", "niece" or "nephew". They raised that person from a newborn child into young adults.

This adds more grief, in addition to strong feelings of anger, helplessness, guilt and shame in the families of someone who died from substance abuse issues. The impact of these feelings on family members facing death by overdose, cause mental health challenges especially in those with pre-existing mental health conditions. When you donate to our charity, funds go towards supporting family members struggling with mental health care costs.

Mental Illness

metal illness

Almost 53 million people live with mental illness nationwide. That's roughly 26% of the population that are people suffering from mental illness. Although mental health services are widespread, many people still are confused and feel stigma associated with these illnesses and it often is hard to find help from professionals.

Through advocacy work, education, treatments and de-stigmatization, our charity works to improve the lives of people with mental health problems after the loss of a loved one from a drug overdose. Mental illness is an illness that causes many to suffer quietly. But discussion about mental health awareness is the best way to combat the stigma. A broader approach can be very beneficial for families as well as patient support.

Mental Health Support

mental health support

Mental health charities are very needed in the United States. It is vital that those who suffered the tragic loss of a loved ones, maintain their physical and mental health. Most employers do not give much time, if any, off after the tragic loss from an overdose death in the family. The importance of the grieving process is a first step to accepting a loss. Not being able to have the opportunity to grieve is detrimental to emotional wellness.

Being forced back into the workplace too soon affects healing. Many suffer panic attacks at work, and lose the ability to focus after the loss of loved ones, causing some people to lose their jobs after the loss. Because of this, people are left struggling with depression and other emotional and financial challenges. It is therefore crucial for for individuals experiencing these losses to get into mental wellness programs and group therapy immediately.

Please consider supporting Before Their Time.

Your charitable donations to our non profit organization are tax deductible.

Suicide Prevention

suicide prevention

What goes through the minds of families gathered for the memorial services of a loved one? Often, they have a hard time understanding what has even happened. Sometimes the person who died from an overdose was in recovery and relapsed, making the tragedy even more confusing for family members. Americans affected by the loss of someone close to them due to an overdose are at a higher risk for suicide. Therefore crisis intervention is vital at this stage to prevent suicide.

People with substance abuse problems are also at a much higher risk of suicide.

Activism can be a rewarding method to turn your passions or struggles towards action. In your free time you can give back and support other people in need. Volunteers and dedicated students are involved in leading the way mental health awareness is perceived. It is important for all organizations to promote awareness about a mental conditions and suicide prevention, especially to teens and young adults.

Various groups offer many opportunities that help make a positive difference in their communities. This list below contains only a couple of the major mental health organizations. There's a lot more and also state organizations. It is important you do research before choosing to support charities. Support a charity that chooses their focus to provide education, effective treatments, integrated care and provide support for people living with mental illness.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention AFSP - a national non-profit organization - provides individualized support to those who suffer from self-inflicted mental illness or other traumatic injuries. The AFSP also has chapters at various states and has a broad range of initiatives that include educational and research programs for people who have suffered a death due to addiction or a psychiatric condition or who are at risk of suicide. Currently, the Foundation for Suicide Prevention has chapters in the 50 states. The agency says too many suicide survivors avoid seeking help.

Remember you are not alone and recovery is possible!


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

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Mental Health

Many people in the United States do not have access to mental health therapy.