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Nonprofit Logo


Your nonprofit's logo is one of the first things that customers see about you. It is a visual representation of your organization is all about. Not only should it be easily recognizable and visually pleasing, but it should also represent your nonprofit's mission and purpose. Our founders brother, Daniel Tremble died on July 21 2020 of a drug overdose, so we knew that we needed to take that into account as a start. But how do you represent that, along with our mission into a logo?

Our logo was chosen to be easily understandable, and help brand our foundation. At first glance our logo may seem simplistic and generic to some. Let us assure you, a lot of thought, frustration and brainstorming among us, was involved in achieving that simplicity. We would like to take a deeper look, and share with you the meanings of our logo design.

Before Their Time would like to thank you so much, for taking an interest in our charity, our mission, and our logo.


Colors often have a certain meaning associated with them. They surround us daily in our spaces, daily lives, and even death. However, we often do not tend to take pause and reflect on the meanings of colors. We took great care to make sure the colors in our logo represent our mission. Let's take a look at the meaning of each individual color in our logo and why it was chosen.

Purple:The color purple can represent sadness, frustration and is even associated with death and mourning. Purple is also used to raise awareness of overdose and reduce the stigma of drug-related death making it an obvious choice for for a drug charity organization logo.

Grey:The color grey has no emotion. It is a color that is associated most often with being somber, lifeless and is often associated with loss or depression.

Blue:The color blue is considered to be the most calming, serene color by psychology. It is used to gain inner clarity, peace and tranquility in mental health. Before Their Time has incorporated the use of the color blue in our logo to also represent serenity and calm and promote mental health awareness.

Pink:The color pink is thought to represent friendship, affection and inner peace among other things. It's use in our logo is for the friendship and affection our founder had for his brother, as well as the inner peace he someday hopes to find. We here at Before Their Time, hope that eventually you may also be able to find inner peace after the death of a loved one.


Stars: Danny's family consisted of five members. There were two parents and three siblings.Danny's and our founder's mother passed away a couple years prior to him, and was already gone at the time of his death. The greystars, which there are two out of five, represent those who have gone to heaven as their light is gone.

Crescent Circle:The 2 crescents were chosen to represent the heavens and also to form a broken circle. The circle shape can often portray security and protection. The circle is broken and the character representing Danny is breaking through it, as the founder feels he did not provide this protection for his younger brother.

Figures:The grey figure represents Danny who was already gone. But still trying to be kept here on earth, by the blue figure, his brother who tries pulls him back.


Fonts are an important aspect of logo design. We chose something simple and soft with no rough or hard edges. The final result desired was a font both memorable and familiar that would connect to our audience and can easily be used in both our website and print.


The final result of our logo is meant to represent how hard our founder fought, as did many of you, for your loved ones, valiantly no doubt, to try to keep his brother here in this life. He is holding Danny's hand as he drifts away into to afterlife with their mother whose star is already dimmed, trying to pull him back to life. With colors representative of death, drug overdose awareness, mental health and the friendship and love they had for each other. There are many charity logos out there and we are exceptionally proud of ours.

You Can Make A Difference

Over 100,000 people died in 2021 from drug overdoses in the United States.

Nonprofit Organization

Just because it is not a business for profit, does not mean that you shouldn't strive towards creating a killer nonprofit logo. One of the decisions often made in error, is that a charity should not make use of branding. However, this could not be further from the truth. Branding and it's symbolism ,can help your organization's easier portray it's passion and enthusiasm towards your cause.

You want the general public, and donors alike, to be able to connect with your organization's mission right away. A good nonprofit logo can help to achieve just that. After all you will use it in your company's fundraising efforts, and it will let supporters know who you are. What design elements that you choose for your nonprofit logo will have a memorable impact and help donors recognize your brand. If you have started a charity and are looking to develop a nonprofit logo, read on for tips and inspiration.

Nonprofit's Mission


A crucial design element of a nonprofit logo is to incorporate the nonprofit's mission into it's branding. For example, if your non profit organization aims to bring clean water to people then perhaps incorporate water into your nonprofit logo. If possible, clearly state what your charity effectively does in it's logo. Does your charity focus on delivering food to starving people throughout the world? Maybe reflect this by using the shapes of a globe and food to connect with your customers. If your project focuses on youth projects, then consider using that in your charities logo. Look at what your competitors are using in their nonprofit logo as a starting point. With a little effort and creativity you too will be able to connect with your audience and show what your organization represents.

Mental Health Organizations Logos


Mental health awareness is at the forefront of many charity's focuses nowadays. It was a sector of health long overlooked by the United States and the world. Before Their Time is an advocate of mental health that many people do not seek, or cannot afford, after the loss of a loved one due to a drug overdose.

The blue color is typically used to design a logo for mental health, as blue is considered the most serene color, psychology says. The life saving rings that are the symbol for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention represent what they are.

Drug Awareness Organizations Logos


When is comes to drug awareness nonprofit logos, the variations are many. Some nonprofits focus on prevention, while others are dedicated to recovery. There are also drug nonprofits thats missions are aimed at drug prevention for kids. While the designs vary they often contain a unique symbol that catches the viewer's eye immediately. There is also a commonality when it comes to the colors.

Red:is often used in drug awareness ribbons and logos, although it is used in heart awareness as well.
 was selected as a recovery movement's official color. International Overdose Awareness Day (August 31), was established in 2001 to raise awareness of overdose and reduce the stigma of drug-related death and uses purple ribbons. Before Their Time makes use of the color purple in our logo for this same reason.

Best Nonprofit Logos


Best Non Profit Logos grab their customers attention right away and state their goal. If your non-profit needs logo designing tips, this guide will help. If you need some inspiration for the nonprofit logo, keep reading as we will explore some of the best nonprofit logos.

Many companies make the error of having several logos. An organization should have only one logo, whether it's am icon, speech bubble, letters or contains words you should explore different mediums such as website and print ads. Keep in mind that designing is not an art. In the process of designing an effective website, you need a clear brand strategy first.

Amazing Nonprofit Logo


A great logo is instantly recognizable everywhere! The use of negative space is common among the most amazing logo's of nonprofits. Whether your non profit organization is going it alone, or decides to hire a graphic design company, make sure the logo includes your organization's mission and brand's message.

Keep in mind your organization's goal and the nature of how you want to be portrayed. Do you want traditional fonts, a shape, or a balance of the two? Do not make the error of using a poorly designed logo. With the use of some practices your nonprofit logo can be recognized and connect with an audience throughout the world.

What makes a good Nonprofit Logo?


A professional logo is a visual representation of the mission of a nonprofit. Your logo will become a permanent connection to your nonprofit's purpose. You want it to convey the brand's personality, on your website as well in other mediums of advertising. If it's your first nonprofit organization, you'll find clarity and inspiration from other nonprofit organizations. We found some great nonprofit logos and used them for inspiration. Please look at our logo list for insight from our design and marketing teams.

Well Designed Nonprofit Logo


The use of an attractive logo for a nonprofit is crucial to the success of any fundraising campaign. Your charity depends upon the community to remember who and what the purpose was. A logo can accomplish the same thing in one image.

When customers come to your website your nonprofit logo will be the first thing that they see and set the tone. You also need to be creative as to the layout of the website, as this will help increase donations, and drive the growth of your company with a level of sophistication.

Examples of Non Profit Logos

Are you the kind of person that has to be inspired? Here are some of the simplest logos of a nonprofit for inspiration. Learn how to borrow logo ideas from the best. Simple logos such as Feeding America and Handicap International are perfect examples. Here are some other great examples. The following logo examples have inspired a huge number of designers from all over the world.

Below is a list of 15 great ideas for nonprofit logos that inspire. Scroll down to take a look.

Before Their Time


Ok, we know, we know. Obviously when it comes to our own nonprofit logo, we are a little biased. But the logo for Before Their Time, we feel, incorporates our mission of helping drug overdose victims families by paying for funeral costs and mental health therapy.

You are also able to dedicate a tree or park bench to remember a loved one.

Since you are here on our website, tell us what you think about our logo.

Free the Slaves


Free the Slaves was established by NGOs that are committed towards ending modern slavery and to help those affected to find economic education opportunities. In its emblem there are two symbols that make up the nonprofit logo.

A fist symbolizes their determined resistance to slavery. Locked doors signify freedom from slavery. The emblem is grim with a balance black and white colors, representing the challenges of achieving freedom. This logo uses negative space strategically for an immediately recognizable design.

Peace Corps


Peace Corps volunteers are run by the federal government. Its mission is the help of foreigners to understand American cultures and the aid of foreigners to understand the cultures of the world. The dove symbolizes American volunteers who were sent out for service overseas. The dove has simple and efficient lines and the stripes are smooth and harmoniously flowing around him.

Amnesty International


Amnesty International is a nonprofit organization fighting against human rights. The Amnesty nonprofit logo combines two iconic images that evoke an old adage "Better light the flame then curse the darkness". The bars of wire represent the darkness, hopelessness, of prisoners who have been placed in jail. The candle is aimed at giving prisoners hope and hopefully freedom from prisoner discrimination.

Cancer Research UK


Cancer Research UK's tagline "Together we are fighting cancer" is a beautiful illustration on its emblem. It carries the alphabet letter C. The "C" combines several colored dots that are connected, promoting an organizational message. It features pink, gray and two different blue shades that merge for an integrated message of trust, compassion, and strength. It's a logo made up of many different colors.

The Mentoring Project


The Mentoring Project's nonprofit logo achieves a beautiful result using only one color. This logo is also another great example of effectively using negative space. They also showcase what their organization does by overlaying two elephants. The Mentoring Project connects children that need guidance with someone who can mentor them, mentor them and serve as a positive role model. The white elephant provides safety for the black elephant and guides it along. It is pure genius and we love it!

Room To Read


Room To Read provides children with high quality educational opportunities. Its literacy activities focus on Asia and Africa. This nonprofit logo features one roof which echoes the concept of "room". It employs repeat colors such as blue (trust), green (encouragement) Although the nonprofit logo can still be used in black or white color schemes effectively, adding additional depth and shows youthful character and variation.

The Humane Society of The United States


The Humanity Society of The United States has an objective of protecting animal welfare. So the design includes an assortment of 18 animals. This organization protects animals and their owners from cruelty. Its logo creatively organizes animal forms to represent America (inland). Although a bit of details were lost, it appears on a lesser scale to be very good. Take several parts into one image and make them cohesive. This is another very clever nonprofit logo.

Girl Scouts of The United States of America


Photos courtesy Girl Scouts USA Fun fact the Girl Scout logo was created by Saul Bass. It features three silhouette-like female characters on its original logo. In essence, it emphasizes strength and helping people. The logo was revised in 2010 based on the new features of the silhouette but retains the core message as before. The color is green, white, and black to represent harmonious team work. Create similar logos using silhouettes using the blue and yellow Cats Animal Pet Logo Template.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America


Boys & Girls clubs are programs which serve young people during after school hours. This logo features hand-embroidered motifs indicating a commitment to youth. It has blue hands symbols and black text. Blue focuses more on trusting others, while Black provides security. This logo uses very basic lines creating an illusion. Do you like simple logo designs and recognizable designs?

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)


Public Broadcasting Service's logo uses the letter P representing a public broadcaster, and it's also crafted as a profile. The outline of the letter can be repeated to represent multiple people. Those messages are important and indicate PBS is designed for people. A white and blue logo was released in 2020, representing a sense of trust and integrity. Similar to a PBS logo, you can create a logo with white space.

WWF- World Wildlife Fund


WWF may be regarded as the world's most popular nonprofit organization and nonprofit logo. Because the picture marks use of the same color it's style adapts well to the various formats. Positive spaces (black) give the viewer enough definition for him/her eyes to complete the rest and recognize the panda quickly. The WWF name means World Wildlife Fund and this typeface is sans-serif, giving this a modern look for an over 60 year old brand.

Voices of Youth


Youth Voices is a UNICEF-funded organization that aims to support young people around the world. What better way of illustrating the issue than a speech-bubble? The logo uses innovative typography to create a speech-bubble complete with the form of the initial letter V. The company's name has an appearance which balances the brand. Likewise “V” is strong enough visually to stand as an independent mark. This is another great example of a nonprofit logo.

Handicap International


Handicap International is a non-profit aid agency working with people with disabilities. it's nonprofit logo are exemplary cross-over letter forms and pictorial marks. It's the ideal symbol of charities. The logo looks appealing and captures its purpose in simple and bold forms.

Feeding America


Feeding America is the nation's largest hunger prevention organization. The logo is a simple with a nice font and warm colors — is it lucky to be able to put an even numbers of words on one line with the letter "I" meeting n the same place.?

How to create your nonprofit logo design?

When creating an outstanding non-profit brand, you need the help of an experienced designer. If you are creative then you may want to design the logo yourself, if you have the tools. Find an designer and get him to develop your vision. There are sites where you can even start a contest online where the entire world will be pitching you ideas. You give your opinion, immediately collaborate to design the logo, pick your favorite and select one winner. Find a designer for you.

Hiring a graphic designer to create your logo can be costly, depending on your nonprofit resources. A lot of designers follow current trends. If you go with a designer, find one that can understand nonprofit brands. Of course you can always give them guidance. You should probably stick to commonly used fonts so that they are easily legible. Give the character of your business a try by creating your own nonprofit logo from a professional designer.


Keep in mind that designing logos is not simple and you need to conduct a strategic workshop. Similarly, logo design in profit organizations is similar to logo design in a non-profit company. It helps in developing an identity that supports your mission or vision. A logo for a nonprofit should inspire your life and others. Logos are your brand's main identifying factor that is often seen in your brand's image.