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Dedicate A Tree

Plant a tree in remembrance of someone in one of our parks in honor of a loved one. Our skilled landscapers will select a species and location within the park based on the needs of that individual species. Your living legacy donation will include a plaque installed around the tree's bed.

Each tree you plant leaves a lasting legacy, serves as a present with eternal meaning, and offers a special means of expressing your emotions. There is no other gift in the world that lasts as long and provides as many advantages.

You may make make a donation gift at any time of the year and write the words for the memorial plaque, however planting takes place only in the spring .

Dedicate a Tree $2000

100% of your contribution goes towards our mission.

Donations are 100% tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

You may also create an online memorial for your loved ones here.

Plant Trees to Honor a Loved One


Plant trees for future generations to honor a lost loved one. Just one tree can help restore the ecosystem and provide a habitat for wildlife. It is a unique way to dedicate a memorial to a friends memory, and help make the world greener.

We also assist people planting trees in our parks during the tree dedicating, if they are local. Memorial trees as a gift can celebrate people’s lives and special events. Your tree donation provides a living tribute to loved ones, with new growth beautifying our environment wherever the trees are planted.

Memorial Trees


Planting trees as a gift, while remembering someone’s life is such a meaningful and passionate act, one that truly represents the Cycle of Life. As one life passed, new births grows from it. For many generations to come, your trees will endure, become stronger, and blossom with vitality. In difficult times, planting trees in memory of loved ones who passed away symbolizes renewal and optimism, and will never lose their meaning.

As a living tribute to remember a loved one, these trees are unique and symbolic, which lives on for generations and benefit us all. Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem and help support a habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Plant a Tree in Memory


A tree planted in a person's memory is an enduring tribute to current and future generations, which may well be the best memorial gift. Planting trees in our memorial parks are honored monuments to our heritage. Through this website donors can contribute to national and local reforestation efforts with our park programs in local communities.

Contributions we receive from donors goes towards our mission to support families of drug overdose victims while providing support for mental health therapy. When donors commemorate loved ones by planting trees, every dollar goes towards our cause, while the living tribute helps to enhance the world.

Planting Trees


There are other charities working on planting trees in national forests and other parts of our nation's forests. Before Their Time is not dedicated to reforesting the Earth, or to educate people about trees' significance as a part of the ecosystem and inspire action. We are not part of the forest service or global forest watch. While we do believe in that, our tree planting project instead will honor the deceased, with the benefit of providing future generations a greener place to live.

When someone suffers a tragic life event, such as the loss of loved ones, it is comforting to know that with a dedication of memorial trees their legacy lives on, while also providing the of environment with a new tree planted. The benefits of your trees, although not planted in a national forest, include being protected for generations to come in a grove in our parks.

Trees for Others


Give the gift of a tree in the family or friends name who was lost, today or in the future in honor of them. With this gift, the branches will rise up in celebration of your beloved's life. With your gift to charity, one tree will be planted in a Before Their Time memorial park and sponsored by you.

Plant new trees for someone you love in a nearby park. Our landscape department will choose your trees location based on it's species. Your donation includes a memorial plaque installed around the trees bed, dedicated to your loved one. Visitors to our parks will stop and learn about them and their memory. Engraving on the plaques for the trees is chosen by you. When you donate to memorialize your lost one, you also help protect trees, plants, and celebrate our planet.

Contact for more information.

Selecting Species

Our saplings are selected by our skilled nurseries with input from our landscapers on the site location. This ensures the species of trees planted is the right size for their new home. The choice is also based on a selection of tree native to our area. We cannot guaranteed what we are going to always plant, but you may suggest the species. Given the number of different kinds of trees, and different requirements for each of trees, they are usually different.

Once you choose to memorialize your loved one with your unique gift of a tree planted, our landscapers will select an area. They, along with a knowledgable nursery, will select a species based on it's needs for water, light and the land itself.

Each location is unique, depending on the requirements of that tree species they select. With your donation of memorial trees you are helping wildlife in that area. For example, some trees may be evergreens, while others may be deciduous. Some of the trees planted may flower in the spring, as yet others may produce fruit in the summer providing food for local wildlife.

Create a Plaque


For the occasion of celebrating your deceased's life, your tree comes with an engraved plaque which is installed in the trees bed during the planting process. Before Their Time does not create a certificate. Once your living legacy is planted our involvement is complete. Your dedication will live on as a testament that will last throughout history.

We do not create or print certificates or send a certificate through postal service or email.

Personalize Your Plaque

When you choose to celebrate a life by planting a tree, your gift includes a memorial plaque. All plaques will come with the name of the person whose name is the tree planted for, date they were born, date they died and "in loving memory". With the remaining 100 characters most people include a note about that person. You can see an example of this in the above image.

Before Their Time will email you a preview of the plaque before it is made. With your approval the plaque will then be created and installed. Depending on your final plaque's material, the previews may differ slightly. A picture of your plaque and tree will be emailed to you after it is installed.

Tree Planting Schedule


Trees are planted in the spring time only. Tree planting occurs every spring in our memorial parks to give the new trees the best chance to thrive. Spring is when new growth occurs on the branches and life begins a new for the season.

Most planting takes place in early spring, but may take place later in colder locations such as New England, for example. In the event that your tree dies, replanting will occur the following spring at no additional cost to you.

You may purchase your gift at anytime and dedicate the plaque. However, your memorial tree will be planted the following spring.

We Encourage People to Plant Trees and Celebrate Life

Before Their Time is a 501c(3), non-profit organization dedicated to helping families of drug overdose victims. Your generous tree donation will help support our mission. Of course, you do not need to dedicate a tree by donating to us.

We encourage everyone to plant a tree in memory of their loved ones whenever possible. Even if it is simply planting a tree in their honor in your own backyard and help make the world greener.