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Donate to charity today and help families of drug overdose victims pay for funeral expenses and obtain mental health therapy. Your gift of donation will make it possible for a family to bury their loved one that has tragically died of a drug overdose. When people are taken from us before their time, it often means there were no arrangements in place for that loved one. Your charitable gift will help relieve some of the sudden financial cost of losing a loved one.

100% of your contribution goes towards our mission.

When you donate to Before Their Time those funds also help support mental health therapy for grieving families.

If you would like to make a gift of real estate please read this page.

Donate To Charity


Donations to charity are good, for the receivers as well. They can make the donor feel good that he/she is making a difference in the world. We understand it's sometimes hard to find the ideal charity when thousands of worthy causes are offered, especially during the global recovery after the recent pandemic and America's economic crisis which has remained in full force across the country. We have 501 c 3 status, meaning your gift is a tax deductible donation, making us a good candidate for a charity to donate to.

If you are looking into donating as a gift on someone's behalf, other ways that you can donate include dedicating a tree or a memorial plaque.

We understands that there a various options of charities to donate to, and Before Their Time appreciates your support!

Donate to Nonprofit With Before Their Time

When you donate to Before Their Time, a nonprofit organization, your contribution helps pay for funeral expenses for people gone before their time due to drug overdose. Learn how your gift helps us support your local community, and many other communities around the country by signing up to our email list. Your generous contribution will enable us to fund our goal to pay funeral expenses and mental health stability of every person in your community affected by the loss of a loved one due to a drug overdose.

Before Their Time offers a variety of options for donors to support our work, whether through your employer, (with double the donation) our website, planned giving, a donation by mail, or even gifts of property. Find out which method of giving is best for you.

Deduct Donations


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes Before Their Time as a Section 501(c)(3) public charity. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 85-2616336. Contributions to Before Their Time may be eligible for tax deduction in the U.S., please consult your tax advisor for eligibility.

No goods or services were offered or provided in exchange for this contribution.

Donating to Charity Questions

    Which charity is best to donate to?

    We have to admit that we are a little biased when it comes to this question. Of course we believe Before Their Time is the best charity to donate to, but the answer depends on what feels right for you as a donor.

    • How can I donate to charity?

      You may donate to Before Their Time on our website via online payment methods. You may also mail a check to:

      Before Their Time

      55 Avon Circle

      Suite B

      Rye Brook, NY 10573

    • How much of a donation actually goes to the charity?

      Before Their Time uses 100% of your donation to help families of drug overdose victims. All of our board members and employees are volunteers therefore we do not pay high priced salaries as other charities do.

    • How do I find a charity?

      You found us and are here now so obviously we would appreciate if you donated. But with that being said, there are various ways to find a reputable charity. You can start by checking sites like Charity Navigator to see what percent of donations goes towards a charity's mission.

    What Our Donors Have to Say


    • "I'd strongly suggest that anyone who can afford to, consider making an effort to donate to a charity that can use them. This is a great cause and worthy of my donation."

    • "I have two loved ones that passed away from drug overdoses. I respect the efforts of this charity, and can say that it touched my heart to know a nonprofit is passionate to help with such tragedies."

    • "I wanted to make donations to charity causes and found Before Their Time. I love their mission! It was a great experience. I am so glad they got this nonprofit setup."

    • "From the initial transaction, to receiving the tax deductible donation receipt, everything went smoothly."

    • "Before their time is an amazing non profit that sheds light on a difficult situation for everyone involved. It is a life saver as well as a safe haven for families to receive support at such a sensitive time in their life."

    Charitable Organizations

    With so many charitable organizations out there, how do you choose? The first step is to find one that has a cause you care about. The next step is to find a reputable nonprofit that uses your donations to make a lasting impact. Before Their Time is such a charity, but if you decide to look for another, searching for nonprofit organizations for their legitimacy takes hours.

    We have put together an article to help choose a best charity for your donation. It describes the process of choosing worthy charities. You may also check out Charity Navigator as a good source of information on nonprofits. Our recommendations include nonprofits devoted to the relief of coronavirus impact, homelessness, and of course drug prevention.

    There are also charities that accept vehicle donations. Some of them work in every field by supporting dozens and hundreds of nonprofits throughout America. You can save a vehicle and have that car deducted from your income tax. When you donate your vehicle, you not only get a tax break but also help sponsor hundreds of charities at once.

    Before Their Time does not accept vehicle donations currently.

    Giving For the Holidays


    Giving for the holidays is a tradition for many people. The holiday season is when most charitable contributions are made. This makes sense as we all feel love in our hearts at this time of the year. Also it is the end of the year so people are looking maximize a tax deduction. This year we thought updating a guide for the annual giving will help. Think about it not just in terms of charity suggestions, but in terms of how we think of giving. How do you make your annual giving more effective? What can best be done with your money?

    Besides just giving money, there are several other ways you can support US charities that won't cost a dollar. The holidays are particularly tough for the homeless, many of whom worked for the government as military veterans to protect our country. You can make a difference by donating your time to programs that offer food and clothing to the homeless. Similarly, you may also schedule a visit with a friend or family member that lost a loved one due to a drug overdose and check in on them. Being with family is an important part of healing from the loss of a loved one, both now and in the future.

    Other Top Charities to Support

    The most successful charities of all time are based on children and animals. The American Humane Society has been serving the needs of large and small animals and animal domestication for almost 20 years. Your tax deductible donation supports animal shelters, emergency care and permanent homes. A similar effort is being made by Animal Friends to foster human-animal bonding. Another good non profit organization is Cancer Research Institute. The research organization supports immunotherapy treatments in various kinds of cancer. This program aims to provide training, education, health care, treatment and fund emerging cancer research.

    Cash Donations

    When you donate cash to a public charity, usually you are able to deduct up to 60% of your adjusted gross income. As long as you have had them for more than a year, appreciated assets including stocks and property are generally deductible at fair market value, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income, according to the government. Always speak to a tax professional to make sure you are on the same page.

    2021 Benefits for Businesses

    Corporate donors for nonprofit can access greater benefits from the government. Those companies donating money can get additional benefits in 2021. Sole proprietors and owners, if they are a pass through business entity, report the deductions on a personal tax return. This is according to the rules applicable to individual taxpayers such as higher cash gifts from the Internal Revenue Service. In the case of corporations with limited assets contributions, the limits are increased from 10% to 25% of the total amount thus providing a larger tax deduction. The 25% cap is not automatic and can only be chosen based on how much it donated in contributions. The benefits for a company in the 2022 tax season, usually filed in 2023, aren't announced until Jan. 13, 2022.

    Tax Deduction

    The Internal Revenue Service has allowed the 2021 tax year to offer an extra generous amount. Individual itemizer's taxable incomes can be deducted for charitable purposes as much as 60 % of their adjusted gross income. However, they may deduct a percentage of the AGI in 2021 by donating taxable assets. Note that non-cash contributions are a requirement for charities to be able to deduct donations that do not qualify under the new rules. In 2021 corporation donations are now capped to a maximum. In the case of money donation, the limit is increased from 10% to 25% of the taxable income.

    Basics of the Charitable Contribution Deduction

    Taxes on donations to charitable organizations vary with regard to type of donation and tax exemptions by recipients organizations. Rules of use may differ by individual, business or corporate donor. Amounts can be based on standards and ceilings regarding charitable contribution.

    Small businesses are eligible for recouping taxes by giving to charities. The IRS provides certain reporting requirements for small businesses to donate. You could, however, transfer and deduct costs associated with the donation, such as transportation or materials on your tax returns.

    Charitable Contributions

    As discussed, usually, individuals who itemize may claim a deduction for qualifying charitable contributions in the range of 20% to 60% of their adjusted gross income. The Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2020 of the Internal Revenue Service permits electing individuals to apply an increased limit of up to 100% of their AGI for cash contributions made to qualifying nonprofits during 2021.

    Is the $300 Deduction Available for Non-itemizers for 2021?

    Yeah. The 2021 tax year allows non-eligible individuals to deduct up to $500 of charitable contributions. The 2020 deduction for married couples taking the standard deduction is increasing and a person may be able to withdraw up to $650 in contributions. Suitable charities include public charities and nonprofit operating foundations. In 2022, this deduction will no longer be allowed without an extension of this statute. The Congressional bill was never formally approved until January 13, 2022.

    People Who Used Crowdfunding to Help Charities

    Over 50,000 users are currently using crowdfunding to donate towards charities. There are examples of people with incredible contributions. Initially, the group suffered economic hardship caused by the epidemic. Crowdfunding is used to fund and provide food and household items for residents, provide funding during crises, and provide life saving medical supplies. There are also nonprofits offering services like running errands, childcare and psychiatric care to the victims of the pandemic. These donations are tax deductible donations as well.

    Limits on Charitable Donations: Special 2021 Rules


    A single taxpayer can deduct $300 of their charitable income from taxes in 2021. Couples with joint returns have the right to receive 5% of their earnings or $600. Contributions for non-income groups cannot be included in a special deduction of funds if the contributions are made to that not considered as charities in the tax laws, such as a house-owner's association. This also provides a benefit to some taxpayers whose items are non-itemized.

    Which Donations Qualify for Deductions?

    Tax laws generally allow deducted income for contributions made in the service of a charitable cause. The recipient organization must be exempt by law under the IRS. This list includes organizations based on religious or charitable activities or whose sole activities are scientific, literary, and educational. Some legal corporations can be considered for the grant of a nonprofit veterans' organization. Always verify that the charity has 501 c 3 status from the IRS page or other reputable sites such as Charity Navigator.

    Standard Deductions for 2021 and 2022 Taxes

    The 2021 standard deduction has reached $25,000 for a joint return, $12,550 for a single person/couple and $8,800 for the heads and their children's income tax. For 2018 the standard deduction was slightly lowered. In the year of 2022 the standard deductions for marriage couples filing together are $26,000. The standard deduction was raised from $11,200 for a person filing separately or to $12,950 for heads of households.

    Increased Deduction Caps

    This will increase the deduction amount in 2020 for a single year until 2022. Before 2020 cash contribution deductions for eligible s were limited to 62% of contributions from individuals, which is generally equivalent to taxpayers adjusted net income. The AGI may be deducted from taxable income tax if the amount is greater than the maximum amount.

    Non-Cash Gifts

    Non-cash donations are capped at 20 % in non-profits that provide non-profit services. Non-cash contributions are excluded from the higher ceilings. Non-cash contributions from eligible nonprofits are currently limited at up to 50%. Non-cash donations to eligible entities are limited to 30% of the total.

    "Quid Pro Quo" Contributions

    Some donations require some calculation to determine what can be withdrawn. This includes donations for which donations are paid with a reward for goods and services. In other words, the donation of t-shirts in exchange for the donation can only be reduced in the amount of the contribution if it exceeds the fair market value of the garment. The deductible value for an unworn T-shirt is $20 (40 dollars donation less $20 shirt value)

    Before Their Time does not offer any goods in exchange for donations.

    Deduction for Donated Goods Set at Fair Market Value

    Charity contributions are allowed for gifts from charity organizations like Goodwill, Salvation Army or other similar organizations. The deducted amount will be based on the items fair market value at the time of contribution.

    Other Benefits for Specific Circumstances

    The tax code sometimes has ceiling requirements more severe than those typically applicable to special interests, such as helping recovery after a disaster or to benefit a particular sector or purpose. A qualified agricultural farmer may currently claim a qualified conservation deduction of as much as 100% of taxable gross income as the amount of a gift from a qualified charitable corporation.

    How to Use Your Donations to Save on Taxes?

    How to use your donations to save on taxes. Generally speaking, you will need to itemize at tax time. This means having your tax preparer fill out Schedule A along with the rest of your tax return. When you file your taxes, you'll need to itemize your deductions to claim tax deductible donations to charity.

    Federal Tax Deductions for Charitable Donations

    It is possible that you could get deductions based on the tax return you donate to a 501 c 3 charitable organization. The donation tax form includes the necessary information and documentation is needed. Or, you can deduct an unpaid donation using Form 8083 to get it refunded.

    How Much Can You Deduct?

    The amount that is deductible for taxes will vary by your philanthropy. You can use non-cash donations to pay taxes for items that were donated. Your car donation deduction depends upon where the car is located. How do you calculate your deductible? Your donation is deductible for the gift of tickets if the amount exceeds the gift. The limit for charitable donations is increased on donating in 2021. Please check with a licensed tax professional for the most current information.

    Keep Records of Charitable Donations

    For your deduction, the IRS requires a record of all of your charitable donations. Obviously these forms are required in completing your income tax return and should be included on other forms as well. Typical document includes written confirmation of a donation, receipts, records, or a letter from the donor requesting money.

    Before Their Time emails donation receipts automatically to donors.

    Taxpayers should have a complete record in which they can prove charitable deductions for taxable income. The type and quantity of records, depending on how much money was contributed, are dependent on what type of contribution and how much money was spent on your service.

    Do Good by Giving Back to a Cause You Care About

    Some don't have money available for a charity or to start a campaign no matter how much that they want. Donations are usually not included in our financial budget. But you can make a difference even with a small donation of $20. If you or someone you know has lost a loved one due to a drug overdose, then you understand such a tragic experience. Help us do the most good to relieve funeral expenses and make sure that the families are getting mental health therapy after such a horrible loss.

    Charity Scams

    Occasionally scammers have created fraudulent organizations to profit from the generosity of others. These are particularly exploited by catastrophe.

    Your state's consumer protection agency has the authority to take action on consumer disputes. Start a FTC investigation if you suspect fraud right away. It monitors charitable claims and sues companies to protect consumer interests. Contact CDC to report fraud if the fraud was triggered by an earthquake or other disaster.

    Look for a charity in your local consumer protection office / Better Business Bureau. Check your email addresses. Fake charities usually use names close to well known charities. Another website that checks nonprofits and gives charity ratings is Charity Navigator.


    Charitable giving has many rewards both for the nonprofits and the donors. The rewards will benefit many generations to come. A few thing to consider before deciding to give. Do not give into pressure tactics like calls asking for immediate donations. This does no good for a charity. Nevertheless, you are able to ask the company to refrain from contacting you again for a period of time. Do not assume that you will be eligible for deductions from the tax bill. Check the IRS 501 c 3 organization data for this status as all charities with this designation are tax exempt. Contact a qualified accountant to learn more about how nonprofit deductions work.

Fresh Natural Soap Donates $1 for Every Bar of Soap Sold To Our Mission

Fresh Natural Soap Donates $1 for Every Bar of Soap Sold To Our Mission

We are excited to announce our partnership with Fresh Natural Soap. Fresh® has pledged to donate $1 to our mission for every bar of soap sold. Fresh Natural Soap has our heart felt gratitude for this generous act and we look forward to working with them well into the future.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Fresh Natural Soap. Fresh® has pledged to donate $1 to our mission for every bar of soap sold. Fresh Natural Soap has our heart felt gratitude for this generous act and we look forward to working with them well into the future.