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Memorial Park Bench

With your bench donation, Before Their Time will install a bench with a memorial plaque on a park bench, engraved with a special personal message by you, and maintain it for 10 years. Benches are only available in certain towns where we are building parks to memorialize victims of drug overdoses.

Visitors to the parks get physical relief by taking a seat and resting. While they rest, they can heal mentally and spiritually while remembering their loved ones. Park visitors speak highly about the benches and their individuality, even finding themselves wanting more information about the people the benches honor. 

Adopt a Bench $10,000

100% of your contribution goes towards our mission.

Donations are tax deductible under the maximum allowed by law.

You may also create an online memorial for your loved ones here.

Adopt a Bench


How do I get a bench dedicated to someone? With a memorial bench, a person can easily adopt a bench and send us the message they want to be inscribed to remember their loved one. The plaque will be engraved with a special message of the donor's choosing. The process is quite simple and the benefits of the adopt a bench program will last for a decade.

Providing quality benches for descendants, friends, loved ones to sit and visit together and support each other, bench adoptions are becoming one of the most popular ways to honor someone in this day and age. We hope that this trend continues far into the future.

You will not be able to choose which park location your special memory will be placed in, but rest assured your remembrance will live on in our parks.

Please note: Before Their Time is not affiliated with Central Park or the Central Park Conservancy.

Park Bench


Make a green and beautiful gift with our benches. All of our benches are made from recycled materials. During your adoption, we'll put up your adopted bench and place an engraved plaque, and keep this on the bench for the next decade. All plaques say "In Loving Memory" have to date of birth and date of death. You may write a personalized message with the remaining 100 characters. Benches have been found across the Boroughs. Depending on the bench locations within our parks, your plaque may be installed on an existing bench, or we may install a new memorial bench.

Our park programs are run by the local recreation department in the towns in which they are located. The recreation department which manages the adopt a bench program, maintains the parks grounds and benches. For more information about a particular park you may contact the recreation office of the town or city in which the park is located.

For more information about adopting a bench please email us.

Memorial Park


Give an environmentally sustainable gift through our Adopt-a-Bench program. Before Their Time is building parks around the nation to memorialize victims of drug overdoses. Honor a loved one who was taken tragically before their time, in one of our parks. As part of a bench adoption, in honor of the deceased, we will install a personalized plaque on the bench, maintain the plaque for 10 years. Our recreation department will assist with selecting the right location, and supervise the adopted benches.

The donation for your memorial benches are fully tax deductible. You can contribute to our charity without paying taxes, or having to make a contribution to another charity. Contribute to Before Their Time to honor a special loved one! It's possible to give towards our mission without benches adoptions or dedicating trees.

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.